Tuberous Weevil (Apion Reflexum)

Pest Type: Pest of perennial bean culture

Row: Coleoptera – Coleoptera

Family: Weevils – Curculionidae

Distributed in the steppe zone of Russia. Damages sainfoin.

Beetle 2.5 – 3.5 mm in size, elytra obovate, densely covered with dots, body with a matte sheen, the top is dark blue or dark green with very thin hairs.

Beetles hibernate under the remains or in a sainfoin outlet. They leave wintering in April, during the period of plant regrowth. They feed on young leaves. From late April – early May to June, females lays their eggs, gnawing a hole in the apical flower buds, stems, below the bud, as well as in the upper nodes of the branches and rods of young inflorescences. After 7 – 8 days, larvae are born, live 18 – 22 days. They pupate in the places of their development – in the cells. The pupal stage lasts 7-8 days. Beetles of a new generation begin to emerge from the first decade of June and are found in crops until September, eating young leaves.

Larvae cause significant damage by gnawing round cells in flower buds, stems, inflorescences, as a result of which they dry out.

Protective measures. Use crops no more than two years. Mow plants for forage during the budding phase – the beginning of flowering. Off-field cheating. With a population of over 20 copies. bugs for 10 strokes with a net to use insecticides (seed crops).

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