Scale on Plants – Methods of Control and Prevention

Scabies on plants are pests that affect planting in the open ground and quickly spreading to nearby plantings and parasitizing, including on fruits and vegetables. Their name comes from the characteristic hard shells of green or brown. These insects feed on plant juices and secrete a sticky liquid, nectar – in the end, as a result of their vital activity, the plant dies. If you notice a scale insect or their nectar on your landings, then there are certain methods of combating the scale insect that can save your garden.

Scale Shield Found – How to Fight on Your Own?

If you do not know how to deal with scale insects, read some tips from experienced gardeners. Infected branches (processes) should be cut off and destroyed by incineration or treatment with insecticides in order to prevent the spread of infection.

Useful of beneficial predatory insects, such as wasp parasites or ladybugs, are possible.

Release predators directly into the beds or into the garden. After they eat all the insects, they will leave themselves.

Chemical Warfare

A more effective fight against scale with the help of chemicals. At home, you can use ordinary household soap. Plants can be treated with a mild soapy solution. To prepare such a solution, mix 2 tsp. liquid soap and 3.5 liters of water.

The resulting mixture is poured into a spray bottle and the stems and sheets on both sides are thoroughly sprayed.

After a while (about half an hour), rinse the solution from the leaves and stems with a stream of water at room temperature.

Processing can also be carried out using horticultural oils such as neem oil. These oils are safe for other insects and plants.

Parasites can be scraped off the plants with a soft brush and soap or using the above spray mixtures.

Processing with factory chemicals and insecticides in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions is also effective.

Tips – How to Get Rid of Scale Insects

In order to protect sensitive flowers and plants, fruits and vegetables, and especially pets, before you get rid of scale insects, first try the least toxic methods of killing pests, and only then chemicals and insecticides.

Make sure that all plants, even those that cannot be processed, have been thoroughly watered before you start processing or planting predatory insects.

When using the soap mixture described above, make sure that you do not use it more than once a week.

When using liquid soap, make sure that it is mild in acidity, otherwise, it can harm delicate plants.

Warning Before Destroying the Shield

Before you destroy the shield take care of your own safety. If you decide to use chemical sprays, care must be taken to protect yourself with covered clothing and protective equipment such as gloves, goggles and a mask (or respirator).

When using any chemicals or insecticides, be sure to read the label – it is very important for your health and the environment.

After applying any chemicals or pesticides, make sure you thoroughly wash all exposed skin with soap and water. Clothes are best cleaned and dried outside the home, such as in a garage.

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