Potato Scoop (Hydraecia Micacea)

Pest Type: Potato Pest

Row: Lepidoptera-Lepidoptera

Family: Scoops-Noctuidae

The most numerous in woodland and forest-steppe. It damages potatoes, tomatoes, hops, rhubarb, corn, raspberries, wild strawberries, sugar beets, sorrel, onions, cabbage, sometimes barley, rye, and also feeds on weeds, especially iris, water sorrel.

Butterfly 28-40 mm in size, front wings from grayish-yellow to grayish-brown in color with a reddish tinge, transverse lines are brown, the round spot is the same color as the background of the wings, hind wings are grayish or reddish yellow with a dark stripe in the upper thirds of the wing. An egg of 0.7-0.8 mm in size, changing color, from yellowish-white to black-yellow. The caterpillar is 40-50 mm long, from light yellow to saturated black, a reddish stripe along the back, chest and anal scutes are brown, setae are located on brown scutes, spiracles are black. Pupa-17-25 mm, yellow-brown, cremaster two growths, club-shaped extensions at the ends and six bristles.

Eggs hibernate over the sheath of the leaves of perennial grasses, creeping wheatgrass, timothy grass, hedgehogs of the team, they are placed in groups, usually 20-60 eggs, in one or two rows. Caterpillars are born in May, feed first on the leaves, and then in the stalks of cereals, at the II-III age they turn into the stems of the plant. They have six, rarely five periods. Pupate in early July in the soil of damaged plants at a depth of 5-15 cm. The development of the pupa lasts 13-30 days. Butterflies fly from late July to mid-October, lay eggs behind leaves in groups of 20-60, sometimes up to 200 pieces. The fertility of the female is 260-480 eggs. One generation develops per year.

Protective measures. Destruction of weeds, removal of post-harvest residues. Spraying with insecticides in two periods: during the appearance of caterpillars on cereal grasses and during the transition from cereals to plant stems to their penetration into the stems.

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